The pluses of this product:

- Promotes optimal flowering and greater fruit setting

- Prevents and cures deficiency phytopathologies

- Raises the production level and improves crop growth

Migal Boro 15 is a high-quality fertilizer with a significant content of Boron made even more special due to the presence of an organic molecule with special formulation which acts as a carrier capable of improving the absorption of Boron through the leaves. Ready-to-use Boron is essential for optimal flowering and fruit setting. The liquid formulation and the high concentration of Boron in Migal Boro 15 guarantees not only easy and uniform distribution but also rapid effectiveness. Applications of Migal Boro 15 resolve common boron deficiencies in akaline, calcareous and/or arid soils, preventing and curing deficiency phytopathologies.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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