The pluses of this product:

- Provides a mix of micro-nutrients with high nutritional effectiveness

- It is quickly assimilated and conveyed to the plant

- Raises the production level and improves crop growth

I’M Mix is an innovative liquid mixture of micro-nutrients complexed with the exclusive EDDVEG production process, which achieves a double nutrients complexation with lignosulphonate (ALS) and with oligopeptides extracted through a delicate enzymatic hydrolysis processes. EDDVEG is a 100% vegetable and sustainable solution, characterized by a low molecular weight, reduced phytotoxicity risks and which maximizes micro-nutrients assimilation and translocation in plants. In fact, both the ligninsulphonates (LSA) and the vegetable oligopeptides in I’M Mix quickly enter the leaf as they are recognized by the plant as related substances. Once inside the plant, I’M Mix micro-nutrients are more easily translocated, preventing and / or solving problems of nutritional deficiencies. I’M Mix is allowed in organic farming.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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