The pluses of this product:

- Prevents and cures physiopathologies caused by Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies

- Rapidly absorbed in plant tissue

- Improves and extends shelf-life of the fruits

Pryoter Ca/Mg LQ is an innovative liquid fertilizer that associates a rapid and effective action to distribution uniformity. In Pryoter Ca/Mg LQ, the two meso- nutrients are made readily available to the plant due to the activity of the particular molecules contained in the formulation. Pryoter Ca/Mg LQ favours a harmonious and balanced development of the crop for the benefit of a greater consistency and preservability of the fruits. The direct involvement of Calcium and Magnesium in the formation of the pectates makes Pryoter Ca/Mg LQ ideal for the production of fruits with good firmness and resistance to handling and/or cold storage. It is ideal to be used in anomalous, exhausted soils and in forcing crop, and for all stressful situations.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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