The pluses of this product:

- Improves the carpometric characteristics of the fruits

- Reduces russeting on various fruits

- Improves the plant’s resistance to excessive heat

Mycro Kal 45 is a mixture of microelements capable of improving the productivity of crops and strengthening the plants in case of environmental stressors. The high concentration of Boron allows Mycro Kal 45 to optimize fruit setting, to reduce flower drop and increase fertility of the pollen tube. Mycro Kal 45 improves the carpometric characteristics of the fruits and reduces russeting (often caused by environmental factors) on various fruits (e.g. pome fruit). Due to its synergistic action with Silicon, Mycro Kal 45 also improves the use of Calcium by the plant and allows to transport a more significant part to the fruit. The presence of Silicon strengthens the leaf epidermis conferring greater strength of materials to the tissues.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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