The pluses of this product:

- Promptly resolves physiopathologies caused by Calcium deficiencies

- Rapidly absorbed in plant tissue

- Improves and extends shelf-life of the fruits

Pryoter Calcio LQ is a liquid fertilizer rich in Calcium, an essential meso-element in triggering a harmonious and balanced development of the plant. Calcium is an element that is characterized by low mobility within the plant tissue, causing damage to the fruits and productivity. Pryoter Calcio LQ transports the Calcium more easily in the plant tissue exerting at the same time an intense phytostimulating and rebalancing effect on the plant. This formulation rapidly resolves physiopathologies caused by Calcium deficiencies which are rather frequent in soils with acid pH. Pryoter Calcio LQ strengthens the cell walls of the fruits, significantly improving quality and quantity of the production.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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