Why Agriges


At Agriges we nourish talent. Because in the future we image, you are there too.

With the same passion we lavish in feeding our plants, we also nourish the dedication, enthusiasm and creativity of those who join our family. We believe in talent, this is why we give all our employees the opportunity to develop their own potential and grow within the company. Those who work in the Agriges group experience a dynamic, professional and constantly growing environment. We are a family-run company with a global and multicultural vision. A successful company that puts its products and people first, combining the wisdom of tradition with the most advanced technology.

The key to our success?

• 100 employees, 300 products, 20 countries, 1 company at your service.

• Our most important resource at Agriges, our true soul, are our people.

• We invest in training programmes so that more and more people can cultivate their ambitions.


If we have aroused your curiosity,
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