The pluses of this product:

- Prevents and cures Calcium deficiency disorders

- Improves and enhances Calcium concentration in fruits

- Increases product shelf-life

Lygnocal provides a significant amount of Calcium complexed with ammonium lignosulphonate (LSA), a “chelating” agent characterized by a high affinity with the plant since it is of vegetable origin. Lygnocal greatly facilitates the absorption of Calcium through the leaf cuticle and it is characterized by a considerable active surface that lowers the surface tension of the solution and increases the wetting of the vegetation. Lygnocal more easily directs the Calcium towards the edible parts of the plant, especially towards the fruits in general or the leaves, in the case of leafy vegetables, improving its effectiveness. Lygnocal improves final production shelf-life, even in the event of thermal stress and it prevents and cures rachis desiccation in the vine, bitter pit in apple tree, blossom-end rot in pome fruits, and many other physiopathologies due to Calcium deficiency.

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Family Meso and Micro-nutrients

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