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Quality, research and innovation

Agriges Lab

In a universal contest of mounting attention towards themes of food safety and production, Agriges turns its strategy towards the creation of very high quality products, through innovative processes of search and production.

In Agriges, successful and productive search and development are an essential condition to assure innovative processes and products for a sustainable future.

Search Agriges phylosophy is based on two principles: to produce more and safer.

Every formulated is formed to assure an optimization of the agrarian production, sustainable from an environmental point of view and safe for nutrition, with the awareness of the necessity to promote a safer and low-impact agriculture.

In order to ensure the highest product quality and efficiency standards, Agriges makes use of a collaboration with research institutions, test facilities, universities, cooperatives and farms, in addition to an intense internal research activity aimed at introducing sustainable solutions on the market that maximise crop production results.

An essential element of the succes of Agriges is the meticulous selection of very high quality and safety of raw materials, which purchasing is made in total respect of a rigid code concerning their origin and processing.


The structure is constituted by a series of very high qualified competences that daily make a monitoring on all the raw materials in entrance and the finished outgoing products.


To Agriges, the innovation is the key to be different in the global market of fertilizers.

The best ideas born from the search of our experts, together with the agronomical knowledge outcome of thirty years of experience, turn in prototypes.

After passing all the preparatory table tests, our prototypes are tried out through a careful experimentation in our glasshouses and severe “stress tests” in our experimental fields.

Agriges Lab


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