Agriges Agriges Progetto green path

The project Green Path is the answer of Agriges to the new challenges of modern agriculture: to produce more and safer.

The project sees the cooperation of Agriges with searching organizations, test centers, universities, agricultural and farmers cooperatives to the development of safe and sustainable products that maximize the results of the crops, reducing the use of chemical and potentially polluting products.

Agriges Progetto Biontura

Asse II Azione II - Codice progetto ARS01_01166

BIONUTRA is a three-year industrial research project funded by the European Regional Development Fund that involves numerous partners including public research bodies and private industries. The final goal of the BIONUTRA project is the identification of new active extractives from natural sources and their nutraceutical formulations for improving the quality of life and for the prevention of chronic diseases. As part of the project,Agriges, in collaboration with the partners, will structure a controlled supply chain for important crops that will provide the controlled natural substrate from which to extract nutraceuticals.

Agriges Agriges Logo Horizon

Starting from 2018 Agriges has been participating in the European SIMBA project (sustainable innovation of microbiome applications in food systems), in the framework of the European research programme Horizon 2020.

The aim of the project is to exploit the complex soil and marine microbial communities (microbiomes) for sustainable food production.

As part of the project, Agriges will be dealing with greenhouse and field efficacy tests of the microbial consortia selected by the WP2 partners.

Furthermore, the probiotic properties of the biostimulating compounds under study in Agriges’ in-house labs will also be verified.

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Agriges Agriges Progetto Bio Fector

Agriges is the only Italian company that was a partner in the European BIOFECTOR project (Fp7).

The aim of the project was to identify new bioeffectors as an alternative fertilisation strategy that would allow reducing the application of mineral products and pesticides.

As part of the project, Agriges made its seaweed extracts and microorganisms available for experimentation in numerous field and lab tests.

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Agriges Agriges Semina Diretta 2.0

Agriges is partner of graNOtill project, of the no-profit association “SEMINA DIRETTA 2.0”, that works in the Italian cereal distributional areas for:

● the spread of NO-TILLAGE, a technique for cultivating wheat without ploughing, sustainable for the farmer and the environment;

● the preservation of the hard wheat, Italian property and excellence, absolute protagonist of Mediterranean diet, recognized as human fortune;

● the support to the scientific search about cultivation protocols of organic wheat.


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