Myster line: for more efficient management of water and nutritional resources

Myster line: for more efficient management of water and nutritional resources

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The GREEN PATH project has led to the creation of Myster, a new Agriges product line for the soil that allows a significant reduction in water consumption, offering a dual benefit: environmental and economic.


Climate change has caused quite a few problems in agriculture in recent years.

One of the consequences of climate change is inadequate access to water in agriculture due to both prolonged droughts and increasingly frequent intense and concentrated rainfall.


Having a tool to optimise the availability of water for crops, both in case of shortage and excess, is therefore crucial in the agricultural sector.

Myster is Agriges' answer to environmental challenges for more efficient agronomic management of water resources.  Thanks to three exclusive production technologies, Myster, a new line of soil products, combines hydro-regulating and hydro-protective power with high quality raw materials to create optimal conditions for agricultural crop productivity.


The innovative gelACT technology consists of a naturally-derived biopolymer with phyllosilicates, plant matrices and polysaccharides that increases the availability of water and nutrients in the rhizosphere by improving its use. This allows the crop to have an adequate supply of nutrients available for longer and to absorb them more efficiently, limiting water and fertiliser losses.


The Agriges Microbial Technology combines the action of a unique siderophore bacterium, Bacillus megaterium S3Nb3, with organic acids. This increases the availability of nutrients to the plant and enables plant metabolism to be bio-activated, reducing production losses, even under severe stress.


All Myster Line products feature RyZea, the historical Agriges production technology that is characterised by the special extraction from three brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean (Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spp. and Laminaria spp.) of certain phytostimulant compounds rich in chelating agents (alginic acid and free amino acids), natural plant hormones and elicitor compounds that together favour the uptake and translocation of nutrients, activate plant metabolism and induce plant growth, improving plant responses to abiotic stresses.


The Myster line therefore represents a significant step forward in sustainable agriculture. With its hydro-regulatory power and Agriges' exclusive technologies, it improves the efficiency of water and nutrient use, establishing itself as a valuable solution in managing water resources and maximising yields.


With the Myster Line, Agriges confirms its commitment to finding innovative solutions for an increasingly sustainable future.



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