Optimize the nitrogen nutrition of cereals to maximize productions

Optimize the nitrogen nutrition of cereals to maximize productions

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In a particularly difficult year like this one, with the strong instability of raw material prices, reducing the contribution of nitrogenous mineral fertilizers to the soil will be essential. To this end, the plant's ability to assimilate nitrogen from the soil and the atmosphere must be maximized. This, in addition to making fertilization interventions more economically sustainable, will also help reduce the environmental impact of cereal cultivation.


The Agriges proposal

For these purposes Agriges proposes the application of two products: Azocream and Nt 20 M.

Azocream is a liquid product based on nitrogen-fixing microorganisms to be given to tillering by foliar application. The application of Azocream allows a substantial reduction in the use of mineral nitrogen, it also promotes the synthesis of biostimulating substances for vegetative growth, capable of increasing the vigor and health of the plants.

From the tests conducted by the research institute CREA, the use of Azocream at 1.5l/ha in the tillering phase, allowed to reduce by 30% the amount of mineral nitrogen given to the soil in the same phase, guaranteeing the same productions.




Figure 1 Production (t/ha) in two theses compared:                                                                                                                                   Thesis 1: conventional strategy with 90 units of mineral nitrogen per hectare given in the tillering phase                                        Thesis 2: Agriges strategy with 60 units of mineral nitrogen per hectare plus 1.5l of foliar Azocream applied during tillering

In the stem elongation phase, on the other hand, Agriges proposes the product Nt 20 M, a foliar nitrogen with a very low biuret content, a phytotoxic substance for crops and present in most urea-based products, its application allows to improve the production quantitatively and qualitatively and to further reduce nitrogen inputs to the soil.


For more information on the products, download the technical data sheets: Azocream, NT 20 M. Or visit www.agriges.com .



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