Promofruit BZ: promoter of flower fertility and fruit set

Promofruit BZ: promoter of flower fertility and fruit set

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Flowering and fruit set, critical phases for the plant

The phases ranging from flowering to fruit setting are among the most critical for agricultural crops and can greatly influence the final productions.

Inhomogeneous blooms, difficulties in flower fertilization, flower mortality are among the main causes of failure or irregular fruit set which leads to not very abundant productions or to lack of uniformity of development and ripening of the fruits.

Precisely to prevent and avoid such problems from Agriges research and development laboratories, the Promofruit BZ product was born, promoter of flowering and fruit setting.


Promofruit BZ

Promofruit BZ stimulates the synthesis of endogenous phytohormones and naturally provides all the precursors necessary for the reproductive development of the plant by directly influencing:

1. the fertility of the flower;
2. fruit setting, even in case of stress;
3. fruit swelling.

The activity of Promofruit BZ is linked to the presence of an organic component rich in: tryptophan of natural origin, the triptych of algae of RyZea technology, amino acids, fulvic and humic acids and an inorganic component composed of boron and zinc microelements.

How the product works

Inside the peduncle and the flower button, before flowering there is an intense cell division activity, where phloematic vessels and floral organs develop. Promofruit BZ stimulates cell division and, by providing readily usable energy in this phase of intense metabolic activity, it stimulates the growth of flowers, improves vascularity and promotes uniform development of the shoots.


How and when to use the product

Promofruit BZ is used from pre-flowering to the fall of the petals to improve flowering, promoting the development of male and female floral organs and to enhance fruit setting processes. Furthermore, if used early, in the buds breaking phase, it helps to promote a more uniform budding and flowering.

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