Biostimulating substances to increase the components of yields in agriculture

Biostimulating substances to increase the components of yields in agriculture

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The components of the yield and the biostimulating substances

For both horticultural and tree species we can define as "components of yields", the number of fruits produced per plant and their size, the greater these two parameters, the greater the yields.

The plant physiological processes on which the yields depend are many and complex and without human intervention it would not be possible to obtain satisfactory productions from an agronomic and commercial point of view and for this reason agriculture has evolved and specialized more and more over the years, to improve the agronomic performance of crops and help agricultural entrepreneurs to improve their productions qualitatively and quantitatively.

In recent years, a rapidly growing sector is that of biostimulants, products which can modify the plant's physiological processes by improving growth, development and / or the response to stress, when applied to it.

RyZea technology

Agriges R&D laboratories have been conducting studies for years with the aim of selecting raw materials with biostimulant activity and production technologies. The aim was to obtain a product that would guarantee the best agronomic performance and give the best results in terms of efficacy. It is precisely from these studies that the RyZea production technology was developed. A triptych of algae which, used as a component of several products, in different concentrations, allows to obtain different agronomic objectives.

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The production technology

The RyZea production technology involves the extraction of bioactive molecules from three algae, namely: Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spp. and Laminaria spp., all of them originating from the Atlantic Ocean and collected in the phase of their cycle where the concentration of phytostimulant compounds reaches its maximum level.

Agriges research and development department has chosen this seaweed triptych because, when contained in a product, it guarantees a complete and balanced content of plant hormones, polysaccharides and amino acids, that is, the most important seaweed extract component in terms of bioactivation of agricultural crops.

Before starting the extraction process, the three algae are selected, identified and checked in order to be sure that they comply with the quality requirements, and are processed only afterwards.

Moreover, the industrial production phase, the extraction process is extremely "gentle", so as not to alter the stability of the phytostimulant algal molecules. The extraction principle of the RyZea technology consists in micronizing the seaweed and applying pressure differentials to the micronized products.

The extract is then filtered to 200 meshes (75 microns), which ensures that all our liquid formulations containing RyZea do not create any problems during their application in the field.

No use is made of:

- extraction methods involving the use of high temperatures;

- dehydration processes;

- chemical treatments;

- freezing processes.


Figura 1 RyZea technology production process


The Maral line

The Maral line of bioactivators consists of three products, all containing the RyZea seaweed triptych, specially formulated to support the plant in different phases of its cultural cycle in order to maximize yields and improve the quality of the productions.

Maral Zn / Mn: with RyZea plus zinc and manganese, both present at 5% in the product. This composition is specially formulated to overcome abiotic stresses. Click here to download the product brochure.

Maral SL Q: with a very high content of RyZea it is the ideal Maral to optimize flowering and fruit set. Click here to download the product brochure.

Maral NPK: in the product RyZea triptych is enriched with nitrogen (6%), phosphorus (5%) and potassium (5%) plus zinc (1%). Composed in this way, the product is recommended for lengthening the rachis in vine and enlarging fruit in all other crops. Click here to download the product brochure.


Tabella 1 Main functions of the different products of the Maral line





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