Agriges fertilizers, discover Buystar Extra Acid line!

Agriges fertilizers, discover Buystar Extra Acid line!

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Two novelties for the end of this 2020: the Buystar Extra Acid line is added to the historic Agriges water-soluble line, Buystar Extra; new compositions, on the other hand, for the Novasol gelACT line of gel fertigators.


Buystar Extra:

a line of water-soluble fertilizers very wide in the titles and which satisfies the agronomic needs of each crop in its various phenological stages. The added value of the line is the presence of RyZea, a triptych of algae with bio-stimulating power. We are therefore not talking about simple fertilizers but about complex formulations that arise from years of research by the Agriges laboratories which have developed an algae extraction process that does not alter the phytostimulating compounds present and maximizes their biostimulating activity.


Buystar Extra Acid:

To the Buystar Extra line is added the Buystar Extra Acid line, water-soluble fertigators with strong acidifying power of nutritive solutions, very useful for alkaline soils and for soilless cultivation or with waters rich in bicarbonates.

The Buystar Extra Acid line allows you to:

- optimize the solubility of nutrients;
- improve its availability for the plant;
- safeguard the implants from possible occlusions.

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Novasol gelACT:

Top of the range for fertigation, a line of gel fertigators characterized by the presence of RyZea technology and gelACT technology.

The exclusive gelACT technology consists of a biopolymer of polysaccharide origin which increases the availability of nutrients in the rhizosphere. This allows the plant to have an adequate reserve of nutrients available for a longer time and to absorb them more effectively. The gelACT technology limits water and fertilizer losses, caused by volatilization and leaching, since it:
• retains water and nutrients in the rhizosphere, raising their concentration and increasing the amount absorbed;
• reduces irrigation volumes, with significant economic savings and low environmental impact;
• distributes the product homogeneously, both vertically and horizontally.

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