Fennel: fertilization for a quality product

Fennel: fertilization for a quality product

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Today the modern farmer is subjected to strong pressure from the market which is constantly looking for a high-quality product.

Fennel is an often-saturated market where, to really make the difference, it is the quality of the finished product, especially in terms of size, aroma and crunchiness, post-harvest shelf life and resistance to handling.
For this reason, careful agronomic management of the crop is essential in which aspects related to fertilization practices are very important.

To obtain abundant and quality productions Agriges adopts a complete fertilization strategy that goes from pre-transplantation to the collection of the finished product.

Pre-transplant: Petro line

The products of the Petro Line are optimal for restoring tired and exploited soils the organic substance they need to remain vital and healthy over the years. These are based on highly humified organic matter, characterized by the presence of three different raw materials that make the product naturally "slow release".

To obtain a gradual release of nutrients in a natural way, Agriges formulated the products of Petro Line starting from three different raw materials,each of them is characterised by different mineralization - and therefore nutrient release – times. We are referring to highly humified manure, plant matrices and animal proteins.

Each product in the line is then enriched with highly assimilable amino acids and a triptych of algae of RyZea technology with a strong biostimulating action on the plant. In addition, in each product of the line there is a percentage of calcium sulphate with acidifying and desalination action of the soil.

Transplant: Grain-Go! 

To guarantee the best development of the young seedling just transplanted, Agriges recommends one of the products of the Grain-Go! line The products of the Grain-Go! line are microgranulars designed to maximize the fertilization effectiveness avoiding waste and guaranteeing savings for the farmer.

Gran Go! Line products are characterized by the presence of two exclusive Agriges production technologies, namely: RyZea and BBPT.

RyZea, an extract obtained from three seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spp. and Laminaria spp.), promotes the plant development during the entire crop cycle, as its chelating agents promote the absorption of nutrients from the soil to the plant.

BBTP, a coating layer of lipid nature that regulates the release of nutrients from the granule to the ground, thus reducing losses and improving the effectiveness of fertilisation.

The use of a microgranular fertilizer guarantees the following advantages:

- Location near the roots of the young plant, with increased nutrient absorption;

- ”Starter effect” on the young plant

- Cost sustainability

- Convenience and ease of use, less manpower requirement, logistical advantages

- Reduced dosage

- Uniformity of distribution

- 100% utilization coefficient


Hoeing: RYZ 310 

During hoeing Agriges proposes the application of the special granular product RYZ 310.

RYZ 310 contains nitrogen in two different forms, i.e. ammoniacal nitrogen – readily available - and urea nitrogen – with slower availability.

The coating of BBTP, natural lipid membrane, regulates the release of nutrients, ensuring lower losses due to volatilization and leaching while maximizing the nutrient utilization coefficient.

Thanks to the coating with RyZea, once in the soil, the nutrients are captured and quickly conveyed to the plant, which can use them promptly and effectively.

Very important is also the presence in the product of sulphur, in a percentage equal to 23%, as this plays a fundamental role for the root development in the early stages of growth and to improve the quality of production.


Weeding and in case of stress: Maral Zn / Mn

Usually, herbicides are applied alone or in association with wetting surfactants that promote systemicity and effectiveness while accentuating, however, at the initial phase, a partial yellowing not only of weeds but also of maize.

The application, in place of surfactants, of the bioactivator Maral Zn/Mn mitigates weeding-related stress in favour of an increase in productivity.

Maral Zn/Mn is a product based on algal extracts of RyZea technology containing zinc and manganese microelements, specific against abiotic stresses, including resulting from weeding. The contribution of the zinc and manganese microelements, which are co-factors in the enzymatic processes for detoxifying free radicals (oxidative stress), is fundamental for overcoming stress factors. The presence of seaweed extracts promotes the absorption of these micronutrients. The abundant concentration of betaines, anti-stress solute compatible osmolytes too is essential to prevent the crop from suffering damages resulting from weeding.

Bifore closing rows: Maral NPK

Maral NPK is a cream derived from seaweed extracted through the exclusive RyZea technology, enriched with phenylpropanoids (precursors of salicylic acid) and with a balanced ratio between nitrogen (6%), phosphorus (5%) and potassium (5%), with the addition of zinc (1%)

The special composition of plant hormones, polysaccharides and amino acids allows to favor the fennel swelling starting from the phase of closing rows, guaranteeing more abundant productions.


The technical data sheets of all the products of the fennel line can be downloaded from the products section of the website.

For more information or to have the contacts of a local technician, write us by filling out the form in the contact section of the site.




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