Rising temperatures: risk of sunburn demages!

Rising temperatures: risk of sunburn demages!

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The increase in temperatures in recent days foreshadows the arrival of a hot summer and the first concerns arise on how to protect crops from damage from thermal stress that may arise.

Sunburn damage on fruits

Sunburn-related damage can cause losses of up to 60% of the entire production. Predisposing conditions are intense solar radiation, high temperatures, low relative air humidity and water stress conditions.

Sunburn-related damage also occurs when there is a sudden change in weather conditions, i.e. from fresh and shaded to hot and sunny, which has become an increasingly frequent phenomenon in temperate regions.

The main cause of damage lies in the radiations falling within the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, which cause the death of plant cells exposed to radiation and tissue necrosis.

How to prevent and reduce sunburn damage

FLOW SHADE is the calcium carbonate-based solution developed by Agriges (with 32% calcium oxide concentration) characterised by a flowable formulation that, when used with foliar application:

- Counteracts and reduces damage caused by solar radiation;

- Reflects UV and Infrared (IR) rays;

- Promotes the photosynthetic activity in the plant;

- Increases water use efficiency;

- Improves the crop’s health condition.

How it works

FLOW SHADE counteracts sunburn by reflecting harmful solar radiation and lowering the surface temperature of leaves and fruits, without interfering with the plant’s photosynthetic activity. In fact, at high temperatures, leaf stomata close and, consequently, the photosynthetic activity is interrupted. The superficial temperature reduction induced by FLOW SHADE allows the stomata to stay open and, therefore, enables the normal continuation of the photosynthetic activity even at environmental high temperatures. By avoiding sunburn-related damage, which creates preferential pathways for the passage of pathogenic organisms, FLOW SHADE also improves the plant’s health and well-being condition.  

Field results  

Average values of leaf blade temperatures measured at 12:00am, 3:00pm and 5:00pm, respectively.



FLOW SHADE has a flowable formulation that is easy to mix and apply.

- Is stable;

- Dries up quickly;

- Creates a protective and persistent film on the treated surfaces;

- Is neither abrasive nor clogs the equipment;

- Does not obstruct stomata;

- Is easily removed during the normal post-harvest cleaning operations.

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