Agriges presents GRAIN TOUR 2024: microbiological solutions for cereal crop success!

Agriges presents GRAIN TOUR 2024: microbiological solutions for cereal crop success!

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Agriges presents the GRAIN TOUR 2024, a series of travelling events dedicated to cereal cultivation throughout Italy. Through the use of exclusive microbiological products, the GRAIN TOUR offers the opportunity to show in the field state-of-the-art solutions and intervention strategies, from sowing to harvesting, to achieve successful crops even under adverse conditions.

In collaboration with leading research institutes and companies, and in the company of top technicians, the GRAIN TOUR opens the door to four meetings, scheduled in May, in the cities of Alessandria, Pavia, Todi and Bari: from north to south!

The Grain Tour will be an opportunity to discover modern and efficient solutions that support the goals of agricultural producers, thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of organic and integrated fertilisation.

The innovative solutions developed by Agriges are the key for modern agricultural producers to improve production in an environmentally sustainable way, regenerating soil health and fertility. In fact, the Grain Tour is part of the Green Path® project, Agriges' response to the new challenges of modern agriculture: producing more and producing healthily, in a world shaken by climate change and the intensive use of chemical inputs that are jeopardising food security and food safety, as described in the latest FAO report "The future of food and agriculture, trends and challenges".

We invite you to explore the world of microorganisms with us.

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