Target Plus, and hit the mark.

Target Plus, and hit the mark.

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The last Agriges resistance inductor

How Target Plus was born

For years now, more and more attention has been paid to new problems relating to the safety of agricultural production, the preservation of soil fertility and environmental quality and health. This is demonstrated by the new European strategy "From Farm to Fork", the ten-year plan developed by the European Commission to guide the transition towards a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system, it plans to redesign the European food system to make it sustainable under various aspects and with less impact on third countries.

Agriges tries to align itself with the trend drawn by the “From Farm to Fork” strategy through its Green Path project, which sees the company's collaboration with Universities, Research Intitutes, Test Centers and important national and international agricultural realities, for the development of solutions that maximize the productive results of crops and are sustainable for the environment and safe for the end user.

It is within this project that the Target Plus product was born, the latest addition to the resistance inductors line, with the aim of increasing the safety, quantity and quality of production through sustainable crop management.

Target Plus: phytochemistry at the service of agriculture

Through phytochemical techniques, the Agriges Research and Development laboratories were able to isolate and characterize the chemical structure and biological activity of the algal extracts that characterize Target Plus. Through these techniques it was possible to formulate the product so that its application guarantees the maximum physiological response of the plant.

Target Plus is therefore a product of completely natural origin based on extracts of brown algae, in particular of the Laminaria genus.

The nature of the product thus formulated guarantees a strong anti-stress action on the plant, in particular:

- stimulates the natural production of callose by plants, increasing the mechanical resistance of plant tissues;

- the abundant presence of glucans, which have an elicitor activity, prepares the plant to respond promptly to stressful situations;

- promotes the activity of the lymphatic vessels, improving the efficiency of the vascular system.

Due to its biological activity, the application of the product is recommended on all crops, by foliar application, in times of greatest stress for the plant in order to improve its response ensuring the regular development of the plant.

Target Plus, like all Agriges products, was born in the rigor of scientific investigation, respecting the environment and the operator and is the practical answer to specific field problems.

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