The pluses of this product:

- It carries out a revitalizing action for quick effect interventions

- Increases resistance to rottenness in post-harvesting conditions and internal decomposition

- Very effective against salinity stress

Kalytron is a highly assimilable liquid fertiliser based on calcium nitrate, Magnesium and Boron, highly effective for preventing and treating deficiency of these three elements. Some crops are susceptible to calcium deficiency (apple, peach, tomato, pepper, etc.) which is manifested by both splitting and mottling of various types and very harmful disorders for the fruit (bitter pit, blossom end rot, etc.). Magnesium is found in the chlorophyll molecule and, in the case of deficiency, the leaves turn yellow, affecting the quality and quantity of the production. Boron prevents splitting in the calyx area of the fruit during swelling. .

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