The pluses of this product:

- Provides an optimal concentration of useful microorganisms

- Increases crop productivity even in the event of stress

- Improves plant well-being and bio-stimulates plant growth

Arald Cream, thanks to the exclusive Pro-Act technology, combines the synergistic effects of beneficial plant growth promoting microorganisms (PGPR and PGPF) and bioactive plant molecules, to improve crop well-being and productivity. These microorganisms are able to combine the potential of mycorrhizae, of rhizosphere bacteria and saprophytic fungi to stimulate plant growth. This is possible thanks to the greater availability of Nitrogen (fixing of atmospheric Nitrogen) and Phosphorus (following solubilisation). The telluric microflora abundantly influences the biological properties of the soil, regulating its biochemical processes that determine a greater bioavailability of nutrients, as well as the plant growth, freeing molecules with biostimulant action

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Family Microorganisms

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