The pluses of this product:

- RyZea improves nutrients uptake

- Stimulates plant growth the thanks to a balanced mix of natural extracts

- It qualitatively improves yield and responses to external stresses

Cynoyl Z Special is a highly effective and versatile product as it combines and enhances the action of plant extracts and algal extracts with Sulfur. The presence of amino acids of 100% vegetable origin, polysaccharides, natural phytohormones, sulphur and other bioactive components is able to stimulate the uniformity of budding, flowering, vegetation and have interesting effects on production, as well as activating the natural resistance of the plant. What characterizes Cynoyl Z Special is the RyZea technology, which makes the formulation stable and the different natural components of the product particularly active. The product, in fact, is assimilated by the treated plants, qualitatively improving production and activating the response to different types of stress.

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Family Resistance Inductors

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