The pluses of this product:

- Prepares the soil to adequately receive the crop

- Rapidly colonises the root with beneficial microorganisms, thanks to Micotech

- Stimulates the growth of the root system by increasing the volume of soil explored

Tri-Gran is the ideal solution for restoring to health soils afflicted by problems such as: fatigue, "biological vacuum", excessive chemical fertilisation, lack of nutrients, not very hospitable and / or colonised by pathogens. Tri-Gran prepares the soil to adequately receive the crop since, thanks to the selected microbial consortium of Micotech, the volume of soil in direct contact with the root is populated by useful microorganisms able to "dialogue" with the plant and induce it to a more balanced growth. The microbial consortium of Tri-Gran allows: exponentially increasing the volume of soil explored by the roots, producing molecules that stimulate plant development, activating the plant’s endogenous resistance mechanisms and releasing the soil-fed elements.

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Family Microorganisms

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