The pluses of this product:

- Source of ready-to-use energy

- It provides nutrients that are entirely soluble, pure and coloured for easy recognition

- Thanks to RyZea, it improves root absorption and chelates the nutritional elements

Buystar Extra NPK 9-18-27 + 2 MgO is a microcrystalline fertigator, with total and immediate solubility, characterized by the extreme pureness of the raw materials and by the presence of RyZea, the natural, biological activator that enriches the formulation of components enhancing plant metabolism, soil-based processes and the nutritional value of the soil solution. This is possible because the exclusive RyZea production technology stimulates the biological activity and the enzymatic processes of the soil, increases the nutritional value of the circulating solution that presents a physiologically acid reaction and, therefore, is able to unlock the nutrients in the soil. The product brings Magnesium that plays an intense greenifying role that stimulates and makes photosynthesis and the accumulation of organoleptic compounds more efficient. Ultimately, Buystar Extra NPK 9-18-27 + 2 MgO ensures high production yields and increases resistance to adversity.

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