The pluses of this product:

- Improve plant rooting

- Increase total biomass

- Stimulates the photosynthetic efficiency of the crop

An efficient and healthy root system is the prerequisite for an abundant and quality production. When the root becomes ill, the whole plant suffers, due to the deprivation of the main source of absorption of water and nutrients. Draks is an exclusive concentrate of bacteria (PGPR) and fungi of the rhizosphere which, in a synergistic way, interact with the young plant, providing it with growth-regulating substances which stimulate the development of root system and root hair. Azospirillum spp. and Azotobacter chrococcum LS132 are bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen asymbiotically, increasing the amount available for the plant. Furthermore, they also release organic acids and phosphatases into the rhizosphere that convert the phosphorus from insoluble forms into forms available to the plant. 

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Family Microorganisms

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