The pluses of this product:

- Colonises the root and the rhizosphere with useful microorganisms

- Allows crops to rapidly overcome transplanting stress

- Induce un’intensa rizogenesi

Tri-Start Plus is a concentrate of selected microbial strains, produced through the exclusive technological process made in Agriges Micotech, which enriches the product with beneficial microorganisms that, once in the soil, improve the rooting of the plant, stimulate root growth (even in case of stress) and create a favourable environment for the development of the crop. The Tri-Start Plus formulation is stable, has a long shelf life and is easy to apply. It also helps to enhance the effectiveness of the different microbial strains in Micotech and further stimulate plant metabolism. With Tri-Start Plus, the microbial balance of the rhizosphere is restored and the productive response of the crop is improved, even under stressful conditions. 

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Family Microorganisms

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