The pluses of this product:

- Improves the plant’s hydration

- Rapidly colonises the root with beneficial microorganisms, thanks to Micotech

- Prepares the plant to better respond to stress on the root

A very common practice in wine and fruit-growing nurseries is the pralinage of rooted vine cutting and stripling, i.e. the application of a muddy solution on the bare root in order to reduce the excessive water loss by the plant before planting. Tri-Start F helps the plant to overcome the early rooting phases more easily, as it offers numerous agronomic advantages thanks to its special formulation enhanced by the presence of Micotech, the exclusive microbial consortium “made in AGRIGES”. Tri-Start F contains a large number of selected bacterial and fungal isolates that interact with the plant, predisposing it to respond better and more vigorously to stress factors affecting the root as well as improving plant growth thanks to the action of the Growth Promoting Microorganisms, which produce compounds similar to plant hormones (auxins and cytokinins).

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Family Microorganisms

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