The pluses of this product:

- Evenly covers the seeds while they are being treated

- Thanks to Micotech, promotes growth and symbiotic activity

- Maximises the symbiotic and nitrogen-fixing activity

Ryzcream is a natural treating product specially designed by AGRIGES laboratories for the seed treatment of soya bean and other legumes, thanks to a selected pool of microorganisms enriched by the presence of Bradyrizhobium japonicum, the specific bacterium involved in soya bean nodulation. The product is characterised by a cream formulation, easy to use and uniformly covering the seeds. Ryzcream has a composition rich in microorganisms useful for the crop: the mycorrhizae make Phosphorus soluble and improve its absorption, while the nitrogen-fixing organisms increase the amount of available Nitrogen, reducing exogenous inputs; finally, the Trichoderma colonises and permanently occupies the rhizosphere, interacting positively with the root of the plant and competing for space and nutrients with the unwanted microorganisms.

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Family Microorganisms

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