The pluses of this product:

- It stimulates plant growth and physiological responses to stress

- It induces intense root growth and rapid overcoming of transplant stress

- It improves the availability of soil-fixed nutrients

Rem Plus is an innovative formulation characterised by the presence of exclusive microbial strains of Nemact technology selected and filed by Agriges in an international reference microbial collection. These micro-organisms were selected for their ability to produce indolacetic acid, siderophore activity and phosphate solubilisation activity. The use of Rem Plus therefore improves plant rooting from the earliest stages of development and effectively overcomes transplant stress. This is possible because Rem Plus is also rich in mycorrhizae, amino acids and rhizosphere fungi which, in synergy, improve soil fertility and repopulate the soil with useful micro-organisms.

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Family Microorganisms

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