The pluses of this product:

- Boosts flowering and supports fruit setting

- Stimulates endogenous plant hormone synthesis

- Contains tryptophan and auxin precursors

Promofruit BZ promotes flower fertility, fruit setting (even in case of stress) and fruit swelling, thanks to the synergy between RyZea, Boron with Zinc. Promofruit BZ provides a high content of levogyrous amino acids, biologically active and quickly usable by the plant, as well as many nutrients that stimulate the synthesis of endogenous plant hormones, such as tryptophan which, as a precursor of auxins, is actively involved in the rooting, fruit setting and fruit swelling processes. Promofruit BZ induces early and uniform flowering, greater flower fertility, more abundant fruit setting, even during periods of thermal and environmental stress, and optimal fruit development.

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