The pluses of this product:

- Has an acidifying action increasing the availability of nutrients

- Energetically stimulates the development of plant roots, even in stressful conditions

- Accelerates fruit ripening and tissue lignification

Phosfal NP 824+Zn is a liquid fertilizer based on Nitrogen and Phosphorus easily assimilable and enriched with Sulphur and Zinc, important nutrients for the release and mobilization of nutrients and to support root development. In fact, Phosfal NP 824+Zn has an important acidifying action that unblocks soil nutrients and favours their rapid and immediate assimilation. Applied after the transplant/vegetative resumption, Phosfal NP 824+Zn stimulates vegetative awakening and the development of the root system thanks also to the presence of Phosphorus and Zinc. Administered in pre-flowering, Phosfal NP 824+Zn predisposes the plant to an excellent development of flowers and fruits while, in post-flowering, it accelerates fruit ripening and the lignification of the tissues, giving greater resistance to cold and parasitic attacks.

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