The pluses of this product:

- Frees insoluble nutrients trapped in the soil

- Re-activates plant growth stopped by environmental or other kind of stress Thanks to phosphorus, it optimizes

- Thanks to phosphorus, it optimizes the final production quality

Phosfal NP 330 counterbalances phosphorus deficiencies affecting the crops and it favors rapid growth and good development of the plant. Phosfal NP 330 stimulates the growth of those plants negatively affected by unfavourable environmental conditions or other sort of stresses. Thanks to its ready-to-use forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, Phosfal NP 330 leads the plant towards better productions under both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The low pH makes Phosfal NP 330 particularly suitable in case of alkaline and chalky soils because it promotes the solubilization of micronutrients. This is to significantly increase the amount of nutrients absorbed.

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