The pluses of this product:

- Easy distribution in the field thanks to the microgranular formulation

- Rapidly colonises the root with beneficial microorganisms, thanks to Micotech

- Provides Rhizobium capable of establishing a stable symbiosis with the root

Microryz is a microgranular formulation, practical to distribute in the field, which provides beneficial microorganisms for crops’ growth. Thanks to its pool of carefully selected microorganisms with the exclusive Micotech technology and the high concentration of Bradyrizhobium japonicum (Rhizobium specific for soy), Microryz allows significantly reducing the exogenous nutrient intakes, with environmental benefits and nutrient availability for the crop. Actually, the mycorrhizae that are contained in it make many nutrients (such as Phosphorus) soluble, and therefore available, while nitrogen-fixing organisms contribute to completing the nourishing action of the formulation, increasing the amount of Nitrogen available for the crop. Finally, the Trichoderm colonises and permanently occupies the rhizosphere, interacting positively with the root of the plant and competing for space and nutrients with the unwanted microorganisms.

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Family Microorganisms

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