The pluses of this product:

- Improves plant recovery after weeding

- Activates the growth interrupted by low temperature and poor light conditions

- RyZea ensures viability and productivity in every vegetative phase

Maral Zn/Mn is a highly effective and reliable bioactivator based on Zinc and Manganese complexed with RyZea, the exclusive Agriges production technology. Thanks to RyZea, Maral Zn/Mn is able to perform multiple functions, ensuring the plant viability and productivity in every vegetative phase. Zinc and Manganese are very important nutrients, which intervene in many metabolic processes and regulate the activity of essential enzymes, while the seaweed extracts enhance the nutritional effect of micro elements and bring numerous molecules with a chelating, anti-stress and revitalizing action. In association with herbicides, it significantly reduces the related stress by stimulating a quick recovery.

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