DRAKS: healthy and robust roots! A new Agriges microbial product

DRAKS: healthy and robust roots! A new Agriges microbial product

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What it is and why to use it

An efficient and healthy root system is the prerequisite for an abundant and quality production. When the root becomes ill, the whole plant suffers, due to the deprivation of the main source of absorption of water and nutrients.

Draks is an exclusive concentrate, in soluble powder, of bacteria (PGPR) and fungi of the rhizosphere which, in a synergistic way, promote the growth of plants. These microorganisms interact with the young plant, providing it with growth-regulating substances which stimulate the development of root system and root hair.

Azospirillum spp. and Azotobacter spp. are bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen asymbiotically, increasing the amount available for the plant. Furthermore, they also release organic acids and phosphatases into the rhizosphere; these convert the phosphorus from insoluble forms into forms available to the plant. The bioactivation action of these microorganisms also includes the production of phytohormones, which stimulate the development of root system and root hair.

All the above optimises the plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients necessary for its development.

Ultimately, the application of Draks increases:

• the total biomass;

• the size of the leaves;

• the photosynthetic efficiency of the crop.



Field results

Il prodotto Dracks è stato testato dal centro di saggio Sele Agroresearch nella località di Eboli (SA), con l’obiettivo di valutare l’efficacia del prodotto sulle caratteristiche vegeto-produttive di rucola Eruca versicaria, cv. Winner.

The Dracks product was tested by the Sele Agroresearch test center in the town of Eboli (SA), with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of the product on the vegetative-productive characteristics of rocket, Eruca versicaria, cv. Winner.


The theses compared were:

1. Untreated control

2. Competitor 1

3. Competitor 2

4. Draks

With application in the following phenological phases:

A. BBCH 00: soil without crops

B. BBCH 10: fully-open dicotyledons

C. BBCH 12: real leaves, pairs of leaves or open vortex

As can be seen in the table  the applications of Draks stimulated the formation of a strong and vigorous root system right from the start, thus increasing the yields per hectare, in comparison with the two Competitors and the untreated thesis.



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