For greater production and better fruit quality, Maral is the answer!

For greater production and better fruit quality, Maral is the answer!

Agriges Press

Agriges introduces Maral

a complete line for the needs of fruit tree crops such as pome and stone fruit, which allows for higher yields and higher quality, while also adequately nourishing the buds for the next vegetative upswing.


Maral Zn/Mn: for improved vegetative recovery

In the early stages of vegetative regrowth, it is essential to encourage the development of new shoots and flowering with essential trace elements such as Zinc and Manganese.

For this reason, Agriges proposes Maral Zn/Mn, containing RyZea, an exclusive production technology involving the extraction of bio-activating molecules from three algae: Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spp. and Laminaria spp., native to the Atlantic Ocean and harvested in the phase of their cycle in which the concentration of phytostimulant compounds is at its highest, plus Zinc and Manganese, both present at 7% (w/v).

Zinc, as a precursor of auxins, one of the major plant growth hormones, ensures proper sprout development and improved flowering, and promotes protection against oxidative stress caused by free radicals generated in abiotic stress situations, such as low temperatures and drought.

On the other hand, Manganese participates in the construction of the cell wall, resulting in trees with healthy, strong leaves and full capacity to capture PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). This effect affects pollen tube synthesis, essential for seed formation, and fruit quality by improving fruit colour.

In addition to the supply of micronutrients in Maral Zn/Mn, RyZea's unique technology enables higher yields while reducing the damaging effects caused by abiotic stresses.


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Maral SLQ: plentiful flowering, how to stimulate fruit set?

A fully active crop requires a great amount of photo-assimilates that must be synthesised to achieve good production.

Maral SLQ provides the crop with polysaccharides, natural plant hormones, betaines and amino acids in a balanced content that increases nutrient uptake and translocation and activates cell metabolism. Maral S LQ can be considered to all intents and purposes as an ‘energy bomb’ that promotes flowering and subsequent fruit set, allowing for increased and uniform fruit development. Maral S LQ improves fruit quality and supports the crop in case of stress due to its antioxidant power.


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Maral NPK: higher quality yields 

To support the crop in the fruiting phase there is Maral NPK, a complete product as it provides the necessary nutrients to support fruiting and ripening through its unique formulation balanced with macro-nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and micronutrients such as:

- Zinc, which acts as a tryptophan precursor, stimulates growth and provides stress protection;

- Iodine, which not only influences fruit quality but also has a positive effect on fruit set;

- Polysaccharides, such as mannitol and alginic acid, which increase nutrient availability through their chelating action, increasing the assimilation of nutrients at the time of greatest demand.

The application of Maral NPK in the fruit growth and ripening phases completes the Agriges strategy to improve and support the quality of fruit production, while also adequately nourishing the buds for the subsequent vegetative recovery.


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Agriges products are born out of the precision of scientific investigation, the results of which have been consolidated over the years by numerous field trials.


To find out more, visit the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT - Field Test Results page on the Agriges website and download the experimental dossiers.  




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