Table grape: producing between market demands and climate change

Table grape: producing between market demands and climate change

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To the question "What would you like to improve in your vineyard?" Italian table grape producers answer "Increase yield, increase grape quality and improve soil fertility".

In recent years, however, farmers all face increasingly complex challenges, among which the biggest obstacles are certainly climate change, the strict demands of the large-scale retail trade and EU regulations.

Indeed, in a context where climatic stability has become a distant memory, producers must adapt to increasingly unpredictable weather conditions. Variations in rainfall and heat waves can compromise production, putting yields and grape quality at risk.

In addition, almost 50% of Italy's total production is exported, offering the opportunity to meet European and international consumption trends. This very often results in increasingly restrictive market demands to ensure high quality standards and maximum food safety.

In addition, the European Union has introduced stricter regulations to ensure food safety and quality through initiatives such as the 10-year 'From Farm to Fork' strategy. These rules pose additional challenges to Italian producers, who must comply with strict regulations and production standards, an objective with which Agriges is aligned through the Green Path project.

With the Green Path project, Agriges is committed to developing sustainable and safe solutions for the environment and consumers, working with national and international research institutions and farmers. A tangible result of this commitment is LIETA-VEG, an exclusively plant-derived bioactivator composed of: plant, yeast and algal extracts from the RyZea technology, activated by the Agriges BPC technology microbial consortium, growth-promoting bacteria such as: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AGS282, Bacillus subtilis S3B1, Bacillus licheniformis PS141. These strains are registered and deposited by Agriges in a European database.


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LIETA-VEG offers many benefits for table grapes, including:

  • the improvement of soil fertility
  • uniformity of shoot development by reducing excessive terminal shoot development;
  • improved development and uniformity of bunches and berries;
  • increased yields
  • higher sugar content;
  • Improved post-harvest storage.
  • Applied during vegetative growth and fruit ripening, LIETA-VEG is a valuable resource for farmers seeking high quality and sustainable table grape production.

LIETA-VEG is just one of Agriges' efforts in providing practical science-based and environmentally friendly solutions to the challenges of the agricultural sector.

LIETA-VEG, like every Agriges product, is born out of the rigour of scientific investigation, respect for the environment and the operator, and is the practical answer to specific field problems.


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