New biostimulants to improve soil fertility

New biostimulants to improve soil fertility

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New biostimulants to improve soil fertility

Soil fatigue

A widespread problem in both fruit and horticulture is the increasing difficulty in obtaining qualitatively and quantitatively satisfactory yields without a known and easily identifiable cause. More and more often at the root of this type of difficulty is the problem of 'soil fatigue' caused by excessive use of mineral fertilisers, deep soil working, irrational irrigation, but above all replanting and monoculture, all factors that reduce the quality of agricultural soils with inevitable repercussions on crop productivity and production quality. A modern, integrated approach is therefore needed in addressing this issue and trying to solve it.

The soil system, let's try and change our point of view

The idea that soil is simply an inert growth substrate for agricultural crops is still too common; it is still not perceived as a 'living organism' or as a complex ecosystem in which various forms of life live in balance. The lack of awareness of its real importance in crop management is having and will have a strong negative impact on agriculture. We should, perhaps, reverse the point of view and instead of intervening on the soil in order to be able to cultivate, start cultivating in a way that preserves and improves its fertility and thus guarantee over time her ideal conditions for growing plants.

A new product to improve soil fertility

As part of an integrated strategy to restore the quality of agricultural soils, it is extremely convenient to use biostimulants that improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, making it more suitable in the long term for plant development.

Over the past year, Agriges has developed Ryzoclean, a product based on plant extracts characterised by a high tannin content. In particular, a special production process has been developed whereby plant extracts are subjected to thermal breakdown and, as they degrade, lead to the formation of various more or less complex organic molecules. These include many classes of compounds including aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, organic acids, esters, furans and pyranes, phenols and tannins.

The chemical composition of these extracts, particularly rich in organic acids and tannins, provides a range of activities on the soil and plant, including:

- Increasing the organic matter content of the soil;

- Acidifying action on soil pH;

- Improved root development;

- Increased assimilation of trace elements;

- Increased fruit production and quality;

- Helps reduce damage due to biotic and abiotic stresses.

The product formula has also been enriched with inactivated yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which has a strong resistance-inducing action. In fact, it determines the activation of specific genes in the plant in order to stimulate its natural defences through the production of a wide variety of substances (PR proteins, stilbenes, flavonoids, lignin, callose, peroxides, etc.).

Ryzoclean, as with every Agriges product, is developed with the rigour of scientific investigation, respect for the environment and the operator, and is the practical answer to specific field problems.


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