Myster and Azo Smart, two allies for maize cultivation

Myster and Azo Smart, two allies for maize cultivation

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Continuous rising global temperatures and changing precipitation patterns pose an increasing threat to maize cultivation. Recent seasons, including 2023, have seen a significant decrease in maize yields compared to previous years, with production decreasing by between 10% and 25%, reaching peaks of up to -40% in certain areas. Extreme weather conditions, characterised by unstable springs and particularly hot summers, have caused delays in the flowering phase and thermal stress on the plants, seriously compromising yields.

A further critical factor is the uneven distribution of rainfall, which negatively affects nutrient uptake by plants and contributes to soil salinisation. The fluctuating cost of nitrogen fertilisers, which are essential for maize cultivation, is a further economic obstacle for farmers.

To address these challenges, Agriges presents two of its innovative products:



Myster is the new line of soil products that Agriges presents in response to environmental challenges for more efficient agronomic management of water resources.

Thanks to the presence of three exclusive production technologies, Myster combines hydro-regulating and hydroprotective power with quality raw materials to create optimal conditions for agricultural crop productivity.

GelACT technology improves the availability of water and nutrients in the rhizosphere, limiting their loss thanks to a naturally-derived biopolymer that retains water from irrigation or rainfall and then gradually releases it near the plant.

Microbial technology consisting of the unique siderophore bacterium Bacillus megaterium S3Nb3 increases the availability of nutrients to the plant and bio-activates plant metabolism, even under stress.

RyZea is the historical production technology by which Agriges extracts phytostimulant compounds from three brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus spp. and Laminaria spp.) that promote the absorption and translocation of nutrients and activate the metabolism, even in cases of stress.

Azo Smart

Azo Smart is a microbial formulation containing a combination of microorganisms isolated and registered by the company, a valuable ally for maize cultivation.

The organisms in Azo Smart perform several beneficial functions for maize plants:

- they are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it available to the plants and thus reducing the amount of nitrogen to be given to the soil;

-they have a direct biostimulating action on the plant, also giving it greater resistance to abiotic stresses.

- increase water and nutrient uptake by the plant and give it greater resistance to stress.


Having tools at hand to optimise water availability, both in case of shortage and excess, and to optimise fertilisation is therefore crucial for the crop sector.


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