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AgrigesAGRIGES is nowadays an established company in constant evolution with more than 30 years of professional experience in the field of plant nutrition under biological as well as integrated crop management.

Research is at the very centre of AGRIGES’ policy. It is based on both academic papers and experiments conducted on fields for developing new environmentally friendly products that ensure: plant health (higher resistance to adversities), excellent productions (quality and quantity) and the operator safety.




agriges - productionNew products are the result of a complex combination between scientific findings, territorial requirements and private researches. The initial project idea undergoes several tests before turning in a product: market analysis, feasibility in the laboratory, strict indoor experiments and tough trials on open fields.

AgrigesSuch steps combined with the long-lasting experience of AGRIGES have given life to a new line of products (initial fertilizer, specific fertilizers for fertigation, microelements, foliar integrators, bioactivants and plant extracts, products enriched with microorganisms) that provide ad-hoc solutions for specific needs of the soil and the crop.

Both innovation and amelioration of the production play important roles in the AGRIGES’ strategy and they represent the main form of financial investment of the company. Increasing the productivity while reducing any sort of waste is an important task to accomplish and AGRIGES addresses it by investing money on the enhancement of both production plants and laboratories.



Safety and quality of AGRIGES products are constantly monitored in our laboratories. Particularly, AGRIGES has a dedicated QUALITY CONTROL LABORATORY and a MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY for the development of new products. Here, highly qualified scientists work cooperatively with the aim of creating new molecules and test them for further applications in broader trials.

Furthermore, if on one hand the QUALITY CONTROL LABORATORY guarantees the quality of both raw materials and the final products and their compliance with the legislation, on the other hand the MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY gives life to new ideas for enhancing the agronomic performances of our products.

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