The pluses of this product:

- Accelerates the development of new shoots

- Is rich in free amino acids with low molecular weight with L-levogyrous configuration

- Performs a foliage renewal action thanks to the presence of organic iron

AzoplasmBio is an organo-mineral fertilizer enriched with micro elements, short-chain proteins, amino acids with L-levogyrous (active) configuration, betaines and natural enzymes. AzoplasmBio provides a readily assimilable organic matter and facilitates the quick renewal of plants foliage, thanks to the presence of organic iron (haemoglobin proteins); organic matter, moreover, increases the assimilable amount of nutrients and protects them from any leaks due to leaching. AzoplasmBio has beneficial effects on the metabolic functions of the plant, such as protein synthesis, photosynthesis, processing of nutrients in lymph, etc. Finally, AzoplasmBio has an anti-stress effect on crops in relation to adverse weather conditions.

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