The pluses of this product:

- Concentrates the nutritional power of yeast extracts and brown seaweeds

- Is a nourishing source for the useful microflora and microfauna of the rhizosphere

- Activates the multiplication of the exclusive Agriges microbial consortia

Microfood is a special formulation that acts as a substrate for the growth and multiplication of the microbial consortia contained in the products of the Agriges Microorganisms line. Microfood concentrates the nutritional power of yeast extracts and brown seaweeds, deliberately treated in an acidic environment, in order to create during the mixing with Agriges microbial consortia the optimal conditions for their activation and multiplication Microfood contains: carbohydrates (including mannitol), free amino acids, nucleic acids, mineral salts, vitamins, small proteins and enzymes. The product is also rich in alginic acid, which has the ability to preserve and prolong the viability of the microbial consortium over time.

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