The pluses of this product:

- Increases the sugar content of fruits

- Stimulates ripening and brings forward harvesting times without ageing the plant

- Give fruits intense colours and fragrant flavours

Maturel Top is an exceptional product based on amino acids and active organic molecules able to naturally accelerate the ripening processes. The mixture of amino acids contained in Maturel Top contributes to the synthesis of ethylene, a hormone involved in the flower induction processes and in fruit ripening. Furthermore, Maturel Top has a high concentration of organic acids (mono-, di-, tri-, polysaccharides) designed to convey a greater quantity of sugars in the fruits and to improve their organoleptic characteristics. Maturel Top brings forward ripening and harvesting, without reducing yield, improves the sugar content (°Brix) and intensifies fruit colour (anthocyanins and carotenoids).

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